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Big Wallie and Sir Charles Winston

We slept late after yesterday's long flight. The whole town was covered in snow and snow still kept falling. Our only agenda was snow shoeing in the afternoon. We met our tour guide and the van in front of the lobby. The tour guide's name is Doria. She is about 5'9", athletic/skinny build, 40ish. She picked us up in her van and drove us to mountain Munger about 45 minutes away for snow shoeing. On the way, we saw a lot of nice ranches and houses. The housing in Jackson Hole are expensive because a lot of rich people like to buy ranches and houses in this area. The town is really beautiful. It is surrounded by beautiful mountains. Everywhere you turn, you will have a nice view of mountains. When we got to the snow shoeing location, Doria parked the van on the side of the road and off we went and put on our show shoes. Putting the snow shoes was probably one of the toughest parts of the trip. Doria had taken a group early this morning to the same location and therefore there was already a path that we can follow. That was good! Otherwise, we would have to walked through two feets of snow.

The first 10 minutes were the toughest. We were already out of breath in the first 5 minutes. The high attitude plus the cold air didn't help. However, none of us said anything because we didn't want to be viewed as weak. There was no other sound except our own voices. Doria did a good job showing us various animals' foot prints and teeth marks. She was a Canadian who was a dancer for a long time before she became an outdoorwoman.

About half way to the top of the hill, we saw a dog running toward us. He is a friendly dog. He kept running back and forth. Then we realized that his owner was behind. Doria chatted with the owner for a little while and found out that he was the local legend "Big Wallie". Big Wallie was a extreme sport bum who had so many near death experiences from doing dangerious sports that the locals think he has nine lives. Even his dog is famous. The dog's name is Sir Charles Winston. The latest story is that Big Wallie and Sir Charles Winston has fought off a Grizzly Bear that was attacking Big Wallie's friend.

Big Wallie was polite but didn't talk much. After a little chat, he kept on going with his cross country ski. We slowly continue our climb to the top of the hill. Once we got to the hill, the view was great but I think it will be better if the sky was clear and it wasn't snowing as hard.

Going down was a lot easier...

We finally made it back to the van by 5:00 pm. We were so tired and eager to go back to our hotel. Doria started her van without any problem. However, the van wasn't moving anywhere. It got stucked in the snow. Damn!

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