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Saturday, 06-14-08

Adsense plus YouTube

Google has a new service that you can put YouTube content with adsense ads in the player. I think it is a good idea. It might finally pay off some of the billions that Google pay for YouTube. One of the example I see:

Thursday, 11-01-07

Got mentioned in a blog

I created a Ruby wrapper api for Zillow webservice api rillow. It got mentioned in this blog. I am now officially cool.

Thursday, 12-23-04

JBoss AOP Framework

I finally had a chance to take a look at the JBoss AOP Framework. I am impressed by what I read so far. It looks like it supports all the aspect key concepts such as pointcut, advise, introductions, etc. It also integrates with the latest java 1.5 annotation syntax. How cool is that?

Wednesday, 12-22-04

Oracle HTML DB

I am evaluating a product from Oracle called Oracle HTML DB. It uses the database to generate html and process business logic. Everything in one tier. Not a good architecture. The only good thing is that it is declarative programming. That means you don't need to know how to program and you can build a web application. Humm... I think I heard that before.

Here is the link

Tuesday, 12-14-04

Oracle JDeveloper 10g bug

There is a bug in Oracle JDeveloper 10g that will cause you to have java.lang.NoClassDefFoundError when compile jsp. The root cause is due to how the classloader in JDeveloper. They still haven't fixed it in version. Stupid Oracle. Here is the link and solution to the problem: