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Saturday, 09-20-08

Chinese Tainted baby formula and the Olympics

I always suspected that the Chinese Government has known about the tainted baby formula months before but decided not to do anything because of the Olympics. I was correct. One Web log post later deleted from several Internet sites purported to be from the daughter of the recently fired chairwoman of the Sanlu dairy.

The blogger, identified as Wu Qing, said her mother informed Shijiazhuang city officials in early August about the melamine-tainted milk powder only to be rebuffed because the Olympics and the city's stop on the torch relay loomed.

"The government's words said 'first guarantee the sacred torch relay and the rest can be put off until later,'" the post said.

Friday, 09-19-08

A creative way to solve our financial Crisis

I just had a solution for our financial crisis. Since China has tainted baby formula problem and we have the best quality baby formula. On the other hand, we owe China a lot of money (China bought a lot of our debt) and we now have all these bad mortgage loans need to be get rid of. How about we give China our best baby formula and they in return buy our bad mortgage loans and forgive some of our debts. It is a win-win. Problem solved.

Saturday, 09-13-08

Another China tainted food problem

This time it is baby formula. "Chinese officials said Saturday that 432 babies now have kidney stones after being fed with contaminated baby milk powder, the official Xinhua news agency reported. One baby in Gansu province has died as a result of kidney stones related to the milk powder", according to CNN. Well, at least they hosted a nice Olympics.