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Wednesday, 07-30-08

Should have known that the Salmonella outbreak is from Mexico

FDA finally found out where the outbreak of the Salmonella is from: Mexico. That is right. It shouldn't be a surprise to anyone who have visit Mexico. You know you will shit your ass off if you drink the local water. I am wondering why it took FDA so long to trace it back to Mexico.

Monday, 07-28-08

Cuil is showing some dude's picture for my website

There is a new search engine in town called Cuil, pronounced cool. It is built by Anna Patterson who used to work for Google as the architecture of their search engine. So I tried it today and search for "The Chan Land", my own website. The good thing is that I am in the first result page. The bad thing is that, it put a picture of some dude next to my website which is not me. I don't know who that person is and how he got to be linked to my website. I don't think he is as good looking as I am. No offense to the dude. Anyway, I am seeing a lawsuit :). Here is the screenshot: The chan land in cuil with an unknown dude picture

Thursday, 07-17-08

How to be a trillionare

It is actually very simple. All you need to do is move to Zimbabwe which currently the exchange rate is 90 billion Zimbabwe dollars for a single U.S. dollar (cnn news). They currently have inflation rate of 12.5 million percent. At this rate, all you need to have is one US dollar and you will be a Trillionare in Zimbabwe in a few months. However, you won't be able to buy much.

Friday, 07-11-08

Why I won't get iphone until 2011

Todays almost every try-to-be-cool people are waiting on several hours for the iphone and found out that they won't be able to activate because a problem for the itune server. I for one, are happy to wait until 2011. By then, all the iphone bugs will be resolved and we will be able to get an iphone under $100 with 300 GB hard drive and a lot more cool features and we can choose whatever network we want (not just AT&T). Yeah, so I am not the cool people but I will feel a lot happier.

Saturday, 07-05-08

The irrational South Koreans on US beef

I am not sure what all the protest about import of US beef in South Korea is all about except that they are way too irrational. First of all, if it is not safe, do you think we in US will eat our own beef? There is not even one single mad cow case in human in US. So that let me to think, either South Koreans are totally irrational and only believe in rumors or they are just using that as an excuse of something else. Either way, we in US should protest all the unsafe Korean cell phones, cars, TVs and Korean BBQ :). Time to start a trade war with South Korea. The ungrateful country. We should let North Korea take over South Korea and let all Korean eat North Korea beef. Oh, I forgot, North Korea doesn't even have food.

Thursday, 07-03-08

Why Obama might be the next President of United States

One of the most important thing a president should do for us is to inspire us to do the right thing and believing in that we can accomplish great thing. Obama seems to have this capability, if you don't believe, you should read this article.

Tuesday, 07-01-08

Because wine might be cheaper than gas

Prince Charles recently just convert one of his cars to run on surplus wine (according to this news article). That might be cheaper in the long run. I think we should all do that. That will encourage more wine producer. If we have surplus wine, we reduce our fuel cost and save the earth the same time. If Jesus still alive, he might even help out to turn water into wine for us.