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Sunday, 06-29-08

I don't want Daddy to say that word

My almost 3 years old daughter recently learned a new trick. Everytime I try to tell her to do something or not to do something that she doesn't agree with. She will say: "I don't want Daddy to that word." How do you respond to that? That is just brilliant! I wish I can use that in work. When I don't agree with my boss, I can just say "I don't want you to say that word." Take that!

Friday, 06-27-08

Feeling a little bit poorer

With stock market in two years old, I am definitely feeling a lot poorer. US economy is definitely in trouble with high price oils and declining US dollar. It definitely reminded me of the 70s although I was less than 10 years old then and I was not even living in US. But hey I remembered from the articles and books I read. So if history is any guidance. I am going to think that US will go through a structural change and the economy will be stronger. So I am keeping my stocks and invest in the long term. I will tell you ten years later if I am poor or richer.

Wednesday, 06-25-08

Sorry you are not so special even you are a millionaire

According to the latest news, there are now 10 million millionaires in the world. 10,000,000! So if you are one of those, don't feel so special. There are a lot of you out there. So to make it really special, you need to be a billionaire nowadays.

Friday, 06-20-08

Look Mom, no glasses and contacts!

I had my LASIK done yesterday. I can now see without glasses nor contacts. The surgery only last 15 minutes. However, I have to be there another early to do the paper work and wait on the line. I have the same doctor (Dr. Mark Whitten) as Tiger Woods had (If it is good for Tiger Woods, it is good for me). The thing is, I haven't met him until the actual surgery. They run it like a factory, one person in and the other person out. I felt like a little pig going into the slaughter but hey I came out 20/20. The whole surgery is pretty painless. The pain is actually remember to put all different eyes drop every 1 or 2 hours into your eyes. Yesterday, my left eye didn't see completely clear and I thought it might still have some slight nearsightness after the surgery. But today, the left eye is also perfect. I am happy. If you want to have LASIK, go with TLC and go with Dr. Mark Whitten.

Saturday, 06-14-08

Adsense plus YouTube

Google has a new service that you can put YouTube content with adsense ads in the player. I think it is a good idea. It might finally pay off some of the billions that Google pay for YouTube. One of the example I see: