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Monday, 04-17-06

Of Rat and Man

Several weeks ago, we thought we had a mouse problem because discovered a small hole in the wall between the laundry room and garage and my cat's food are scattered around the hole. I also saw a really big mouse/rat running in the garage one day. The cat was no use because he can't use his craws.

So Lady Chan bought this mouse trap one day and put some cheese and tried to catch mouse. The next day, the cheese was gone and the trap had sprung. "What a clever mouse!" she said. So she decided to put some nuts and peanut butter on it and see if it would work this time. No luck. The mouse would not touch the mouse trap again.

Meanwhile, the laundray room is getting smelly. We thought it was the cat's litterbox. However, it wasn't. It was still smelly after cleaning the litterbox. So it must be from the mouse (maybe his droppings.).

So getting the mouse now became a priority. So I went to hardware store and get a $40 dollar mouse/rat trap. It was electrical and it would electrocute the mouse when it took the bait. Clean and humane! So the product claimed. I set up the new trap and put teh cat's food as bait. We also move the cat's regular food bowl to the dinner room so that the mouse would not take the food from the bowl but would have to take the bait instead. Then we waited.

No luck again!

So we thought that there must be still other food laying around. So we started looking around the laundry room and we found that there were still cat food laying underneath a wooden shelf that we have. So we decided to clean up the wooden shelf and the cat food. As we cleaned out one paper bag that contained a lot of bags that Lady Chan has saved over the years. The mouse, Oh, wait, not a mouse, it was a Rat, jumped out from the bag and went back underneadth the wooden shelve.

Now I was mad. "I am going to kill that MTF!". Now it was either the stupid rat died or the stupid rat died. It had reached the point of no return. So I asked Lady Chan to find my glasses (I can't see well without it) and something I could use to kill the rat.

Lady Chan found me the glasses and an old knife. The old knife has been used as a tool to cut coconut.

Equipped with the knife, I went into the laundry room and searched for the beast.

It took less than 2 minutes to find the beast. He was hidding underneath the wooden shelf with his butt exposed at the corner. That was the perfect opportunity for me. I slowly walked toward the beast and aimed my knife. Stabbed! I heard the loudest screaming sound coming out from the beast that just like the movie. Rat's scream was instead horrific. The screaming last for 1 minute but the beast didn't die. The knife was not sharp enough and it also didn't cut into his vital organs. The beast was still struggle. He was trying to bite the knife and my fingers. I kept pressing the knife harder adn harder but it didn't stop the beast from slipping away from the knife. Now the beast was hurt but still hiding underneath the shelf. I needed to figure out the next move

I told Lady Chan to come the the laundry and shut the door. The plan was to lift up the shelf and then trapped the rat. Lady Chan lifted up the shelf and the rat immediately tried to escape. He ran underneath the shoe shelf without being caught. Damn! So now we had to lift up the shoe shelf and then trap the rat. The plan was to use a hoe to trap and press the rat and then finish him off with the knife.

We got to our stand-by position. Lady Chan lifted up the shoe shelf and here the beast started running. He was heading the bottom of the washer! This was my last chance to catch him. I pressed down the hoe toward him. He was caught! I immediately picked up the knife and gave him a big blow to the head. He was gone. But I was still mad. So delivered two more blow to his head. The beast was now definitely gone for good.

The war was over. Man has won again. What was left was to clean up the blood and the mess....

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