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Monday, 02-13-06

Snowshoeing on a Sunday afternoon

The snow storm that brought us ton of snow in our area gave us the rare opportunity to do some snowshoeing on Sunday. Lady Chan and I bought our snowshoes last year and have not had a chance to try it out. Yesterday, we finally had the golden opportunity that we were waiting for.

It took us about an hour to just get ready. So we got some good workout from that. We dressed Little Chan up so that she won't be cold and put her on a snuggly. Then off we go.

It was a lot of fun walking in the snow with the snowshoes. However, carrying a 14 pounds of baby and snowshoeing the same time was a lot of work out. Little Chan seemed to handle it pretty well. Ofcouse, she was not the one walking....

Snowshoeing with Little Chan

Monday, 02-06-06

Sick again

Little Chan and I got sick again. She seemed to be handling it much better than I. I was all tired the whole weekend. Little Chan was still playing and laughing. The force is definitely strong on this one.

Wednesday, 02-01-06

Chinese, Computer and #2

One of the basic responsibilities of being a parent is to make sure that your kid eats, sleeps and poops enough. So when Little Chan hasn't done a #2 for more than 12 hours, it started worrying me. Luckly, I found out that there is a sure way that always get Little Chan's bowel movement going. Everytime when I bring Little Chan in front of the computer and start up the chinese learning software program, she will always have a #2. It works 99.6% of the time. It is quite amazing. I still don't know the connection yet. I am going to apply for a government research grant and see if I can do a research on it. It could be a big discovery that solves one of the biggest medical problems of mankind.