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Monday, 10-10-05

Becky's wedding

We had a road trip to Morgantown for a wedding the past weekend. This will be Little Chan's first road trip. She was doing really well. My parents went with us and stayed with Little Chan in the hotel while we were attending the reception. The reception was huge. I think Becky invited the whole town. It was great to see a lot of my old friends. Most of them are married with children like me. It has been ten years since I graduated from college. It is amazing how much each one of us has changed. I am not sure if I can still keep in touch with my college friends anymore. After all, there are few weddings left to go to and I sure hope I will never go to a funeral to see my old friends.

I think we found a Nanny for Little Chan

There is this Nanny who used to work for one of our friends is now looking for a nanny job. We quickly called her and had a interview of her. She seems to be a good fix. We are going to try her out for two days. If everthing goes well, Littl Chan will have a nanny and the Chan Master will be spending more money.

Wednesday, 10-05-05

She might feel better if you change her political position

My parents are kind enough to come to U.S. to help us out. However, it is not easy to live with in-laws and therefore it is no surprise that Lady Chan is having a problem with it. To complicate the matter, my parents don't speak a word of English (Oh, not entirely true, they can say "Lunch", "water", "milk" and a few others) and Lady Chan doesn't speak a word of chiniese (Oh, not entirely true, she can say "thank you", "taste good" and a few other words). So communication has become an issue. I have came up with the idea of using a few index cards and writting down the translation on a few commonly used words. That helped a little but there are still major gaps. Lady Chan tried to use one of those translation website to do English to Chinese Translation online. It works for individual words. However, if you type a sentence, it doesn't always come out right. For example, Lady Chan typed in "If you change her position, she might feel better" in English. She tried to tell my Dad to hold Little Chan in a different position. The instant online translation comes back in Chinese stating that "She might feel better if you change her poolitical position." Needless to say, my Dad was confused. The other issue of having in-laws living with you and helping out is that you lose your privacy. But that is just a trade-off that we have to deal with for a few months.

Baby Economics

I think the economy is mostly driven by babies. You need to buy million tons of diapers, clothes, toys, swing, bed, changing tables, diaper warmer (heh it does work!),... the list goes on and on. I still haven't count the money we spent on remodeling the room to be a nursery. Little Chan's expense alone probably stimulates the U.S. economy by 0.17%.