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Tuesday, 08-23-05

Things they don't tell you about baby

Lady Chan and I have taken several classes for child birth and parenting. On top of that, a lot of people have given us many tips and advises on how to deal with new born. However, none of those tips, advises, classes prepare us for Little Chan. For example, one of most common tips is that when the baby sleeps, you sleep. Sounds like a good advise. However, it only works if the baby sleeps. They didn't tell you what if the baby dosen't sleep and just keep crying. What do you do? In our case, the baby didn't get enough of food because she has a tight frenulum under her tongue which prevents her from getting enough breast milk. How are we supposed to know that? We didn't know what is going on until we went to the doctor. Another example is changing diaper. Should you change the diaper before or after the each meal? Some people say before, some people say after and some say both before and after (that is a lot of diaper changes!!!). Again,there is no right answer. I think it should be done after because a baby usually has another number 1 or 2 immediately after she eats.

One hospital, two different worlds

The first night stay in hospital was terrible. The room is really small and I only had tiny pull-out bed to sleep on. We wanted to have Little Chan to stay with us the first night. As it turned out, it was a bad idea. Lady Chan and I had no idea to take care of a baby and we were both very tired. When I was trying to change diaper for Little Chan, I didn't expect that it will be a messy one. I also didn't expect Little Chan will be puking the same time (this was due to mucus in her lung: one of the side effect of c-section. Under normal child birth, the mucus will be squeezed out when the baby going through the birth canal). So we were absolutely horrified by our first diaper changing experience. When we arrived at the hospital, I have requested to have us put in the "VIP" room after the child birth. However, that room has been occupied. So I put my name in the waitlist. It turned out that the hospital doesn't have a reservation system. I had to tell every single nurse in the hospital that we wanted VIP room. Finally, the next day (Monday), we got the VIP room. It was such a difference. The room is huge and has a love seat that I could sleep on. They even gave Lady Chan a brand new robe. On top of that, they have a difference menu for food. A much nicer menu.... Even though the room cost some extra money, it is well worth it. We stayed in the VIP room for the rest of the stay and we felt like we were in a hotel room. Same hospital, two different rooms, two different worlds.

Sunday, 08-07-05

Little Chan has arrived

Lady Chan's water started leaking on Saturday night (8/6). The doctor didn't think it was water leak because there wasn't much water coming out. He recommended we wait until the next day to see if it was indeed water leak. Then Sunday morning came, Lady Chan had two more leaks and so we called the doctor. The doctor told us to go to the hospital and he would had a look. We got to the hospital by 10:30 am. The doctor took a look he agreed with us that the water has broken. However, Lady Chan was not dilated enough (only one centimeter dilated). He recommended to induce the labor and see what happened. So the nurse gave Lady Chan IV and drug to induce labor. Several hours later, it still was dilated enough and the baby's head is way high up. So the doctor determined to have a c-section. The c-section was relatively quick. I was very worried during the procedure. Then I heard the crying of Little Chan. I never thought baby's crying is such a beautiful sound. But Lady Chan and I were both overjoy. I hate to admit it but tears actually came out of my eyes.....