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Saturday, 05-21-05

Mercersbug Inn

Lady Chan and I decided to take a weekend vacation for our 2nd anniversary. We picked Mercersbug Inn, PA. The inn was built as a mansion in 1906 by some rich guy called Harry Byron. It was 20,000 square foot Georgian mansion on a six and a half acres of land. The house was sold on 1953 to become an Inn. It has been gone through a few owners. The current owner (Jim McCoy) who was in a very high position as tech director or CTO of some sort for a Wall street firm which we shall not name (actually I just don't remember). He and his wife Lisa left New York and came to Mercersburg and bought this Inn. We had a good chat with Jim about the state of high tech industry and how outsourcing is going to affect a lot of high tech workers. We all felt that U.S. is going to lose the technological edge. So I think I need to think about what my second career should be. I don't think I am a good Inn keeper though. So that is out.

Our room is incredible. It is called the Prospect Room. I definitely felt like we staying in a mansion. It was nice to live a little.