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Sunday, 04-03-05

Terri Schindler/Schiavo

I think the whole debate about Terri Schiavo totally missed the point. The point is not really about if a person has the right to decide to die. Terri wasn't able to decide that. The court decided that the husband has the right to decide that for her. Our law give the husband more rights over the parents. Now that is just wrong! Americans have too mucn an idealistic view of marriage and the law gives too much power to spouses. Think about it. 50% of the marriages end in divorce. Do we really think our spouse is always the right person to make a life and death decision for us. Especially in Terri Schiavo's case. Her "husband" is living with another woman and father two children with another woman while Terri is in lying in a hospital bed. If Terri found that out, she would kick his ass out of the house and get a divorce. Do people actually think she would still let her husband to make a life and death decision for her if she found out her husband is living with another woman? Hell NO! The law needs to change to reflect the reality.