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Sunday, 03-20-05

Am I getting old?

I used to get really excited about party because I like to meet new people. Last night, Lady Chan and I went to a party. I was initially very excited about this party. I haven't been to one for awhile. It is like tasting the first sip of beer after not drinking for a few months.

So It was great when I got there. I was glad to see the host and one of my old friends who was just in town for a short weekend. Then more people came to the party. Normally I would be excited because that is when the fun begin. However, I looked around that there were many new people who I haven't seen before. As I get older, I think I don't get excited to meet new people anymore. First of all, I know I would not get to know anyone well enough to determine if I like to be his/her friend before the party is over. Even if I like the person well enough, it is close to the zero chance that I would see that person again because it will be awhile before I go to another party. That is different when I was young because I knew there was probably a chance that I would meet the person again in another party in a few weeks or a few days.

Lady Chan and I still had a great time in the party though because there were enough old friends there to mingle. I wonder how many people I still know in the next party